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GRAB YOUR FREE GIFT! Learning how to read the Tarot can be overwhelming that's why I created the Tarot Reader's Startup Kit. It's FREE. Download it here.

Welcome to Psychic Medium Tarot School!


Are you curious why you are sensitive, how come you just 'know things,' and why you are able to see people in spirit and sometimes it scares you?

Do you have a collection of Tarot and Oracle card decks and divination books with plenty more sitting in your Amazon wish list, but still have a hard time trusting your intuition?

Do you spend your free time perusing Pinterest looking for tarot guides to pin to your already-overflowing tarot and how-to-divination boards, but find yourself unable to utilize the information and wish you had access to a Mentor who could teach you how to read tarot cards more intimately?

Are you interested in reading Tarot cards for friends and family, and even maybe becoming a professional Tarot and/or Oracle card reader some day, but you’re not sure how or where to start?


Hi! I'm Merry, Head Mistress at the Psychic Medium Tarot School. Here you will find a variety of metaphysical courses designed to help you hone your abilities and regardless of your current expertise.


At the Psychic Mediumship Tarot Training Academy we combine traditional teaching methods with somatic processes. By accessing the emotional and mental resources through the wisdom of the body, it enables the student to understand divination at a much deeper level. This allows the student to 'become' a part of divination rather than simply perform it. Not only does this keep the study material fresh, innovative and entertaining but it helps students develop the confidence needed in order to bring their divination processes out into the real world.

I'm glad that you're here and if you have any questions about our courses, please let me know. Merry


Grab Your FREE Gift! Learning how to read the Tarot can be overwhelming that's why I created the Tarot Reader's Startup Kit. It's FREE. Download it here.

Available Courses

MASTERCLASS: How to Construct a Personalized Shield of Protection that Absolutely Works

Masterclass: How to Construct a Personalized Shield of Protection that Absolutely Works

A New Way to Create a Shield of Protection For Empaths, Spirit Attractors, Paranormal Investigators and Diviner

You’ll need: A bottle of water, a notebook and something to write with on hand.


  • We'll all huddle together for the class for approximately  2 hours.
  • I will teach you all the things LIVE, and open up the floor for Q&A and coaching
  • You will get a mini PDF workbook to keep.
  • Yes, you will get a recording. It will be available for replay for 72 hours following the live event.
  • You'll have access to the recording HERE in the academy portal. 


If you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the world around you, or seemingly attracts psychic vampires - both living and deceased -- then Energy Shielding is about to become your new, best friend!

In this interactive, online workshop, you will learn how to construct, reinforce and P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-Z-E an energetic barrier of protection that prevents visitations by unwanted spirits, wards off entity attacks and much more... 

This masterclass ticks all the boxes especially if you are…

  • A Clairempath, which is the extrasensory response and ability to pick up emotions and physical symptoms in others. The problem for most empaths is that they don't know how to control their energetic boundaries and when they’re not able to control it, they become fearful, anxious and overwhelmed and reluctant to be around other people. (in extreme cases, they may totally withdraw from society) In this class you’ll learn how to create an impenetrable shield that keeps wanted energy in and unwanted energy out.
  • A Spirit Attractor. If you are someone who’s up at all hours of the night, but especially between the hours of 3-4am because you feel like you’re constantly sought out by spirit, this class will teach you how to stop spirits from messing with your personal life so that you can finally get a good night’s sleep!
  • A Paranormal Investigator who would love to get into field investigation but you’re afraid of getting attacked by entities or taking spiritual hitchhikers home. In this class you’ll learn how to create a shield that will not only keep you physically and mentally safe but stop spirit from impeding your investigations.
  • A Professional Diviner, AKA, Energy Healer, Tarot Reader, Psychic-Medium or Witch. In this class you’ll learn how shielding can help you to do the work that you love, day in and day out, without feeling tired, drained and burned out. 

Contrary to popular belief, one type of shield does NOT fit all. 

Unwanted energies, spirit energies and the emotions of others can be extremely invasive and can affect the physical and non-physical parts of you. You need to ‘personalize’ your shields in order for them to work at optimum levels for Y-O-U!

After this masterclass, trust issues will be a thing of the past.

Traditionally shields are taught by imagining a circle of protection around you then ‘trusting’ that it’s in place. 

The problem with doing it this way is there may be a subconscious part of you that doesn’t trust that the circle exists or that it will do its job. Unfortunately, if there’s even a small part of you that doubts that the shield is going to work, this usually ends up causing even more anxiety. 

I’m going to teach you how to shield using my signature SomaMagick process. Not only will you see, feel and understand the nuances of energy at a deeper level but you will be able manipulate your shield so that it conforms to your needs at any given moment.

By the end of class you will walk away understanding the in’s and out’s of creating a personalized energetic fortress so that you can control what gets in and what stays out.  

In this 2-hour masterclass you will learn how to... 

🌟 Create a personalized protection shield that you can change at will

🌟 ‘Program’ your protection shield so that you can assume its powerful feelings of safety and security on demand 

** Contrary to belief, one type of shield does NOT fit all so learning how to do this technique changes everything! **

🌟 Move in between different types of protection shields

🌟 Use your shield in various scenarios

🌟 Telepathically ‘throw’ a shield 

🌟 And much more...

By the end of class you’ll walk away CERTAIN that your shield is in place AND working so there is NO doubt that you are safe and fully protected. 

How To Determine YOUR Strongest Psychic Sense, aka, Dominant Clair(s)

Have you ever experienced an intuitive flash about a person or situation and you acted on this feeling, or you did the opposite -- you dismissed it because you felt it wasn't tied to reality?

 Are you receiving profound validations or evidence from spirit but you're working hard to convince yourself and others that you're not making things up?

 In this fun and interactive class, you'll discover what your natural "psychic language" is by going through a variety of exercises that pertain to each 'Clair' to help you better understand and sharpen your particular style of sensing. By the end of the event, you will discover how to tap into them!

 DETAILS: During this class I will be explaining what the "Clair" senses are, how to identify them and how to recognize YOUR strongest 1-2 Clairs so that you can develop them. Once you are aware of the different ways your intuition speaks to you, the 6th sensory world is your oyster! Although there are more, here are the four MAIN psychic senses that you will be learning about...

  • Clairvoyance | Clear Seeing
  • Clairsentience | Clear Feeling
  • Clairaudience | Clear Hearing
  • Claircognizance | Clear Knowing


  • Open to all levels
  • Held in a safe and supported environment
  • For everyone! Even if you've taken intuitive classes before, I invite you to come out and join us

GRAB YOUR FREE GIFT! Learning how to read the Tarot can be overwhelming that's why I created the Tarot Reader's Startup Kit. It's FREE. Download it here.

Assertiveness Class for HSPs, Empaths, Light Workers, Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers

Do you have loose-to-no-boundaries with family, friends and clients? Are you a light worker, empath, healer, tarot reader or medium?  If so, take this class and...

  • ​S-T-O-P getting worked over, underpaid and undervalued
  • Learn how to speak your truth and stop passive-aggressive behavior
  • Stop people pleasing and being afraid to ask for more $$$ or that raise you deserve
  • Learn how to communicate clearly and with authority with your family -- pets included! -- your boss and/or co-workers

Bring your tarot cards to class as we'll be using them to work through a unique and powerful process. The cards will REVEAL all that you need to know... and then some! If you don't have a Tarot deck, you purchase a deck on Amazon using my affiliate link or use any FREE Tarot app.

GRAB YOUR FREE GIFT! Learning how to read the Tarot can be overwhelming that's why I created the Tarot Reader's Startup Kit. It's FREE. Download it here.

Increase Your Wealth Using an Electronic Vision Board

- Do you need or want to manifest more money?

- Are you sick and tired of feeling broke?

- Do you have a less than optimal relationship with money?

Then this IS the class for you!!!!

I'm super excited to be hosting a fun, yet powerful, class called "How to Increase Your Wealth Using An Electronic Vision Board. "

NO MORE doing things the old-fashioned way! Goodbye glue, magazines and mess!

During our time together we will be creating an electronic vision board. I love these because I can change out the images quickly and store them electronically on my phone or computer for quick access. 

This is ONE of the most powerful boards that you can create if you KNOW how to ENERGIZE and USE it properly!!

If you don't understand how to do this, you're just looking at a bunch of pretty pictures but not creating the energy you need to manifest your desires.

This is often the reason why these boards FAIL to produce results!

This IS NOT your typical Vision Board class!

You will be amazed at what happens when your vision board comes alive through ‘animated’ and powerful thought forms!

During class I will be showing you how to...

- Create an electronic wealth manifestation board that you can refer to over-and-over again, any time, any place to manifest wealth.

- Organize AND energize your board P-R-O-P-E-R-L-Y! (Shhhhh…. This IS the SECRET SAUCE that they don’t show you and IS KEY to making your board work for you. You don’t want to skip this part!)

As always, I will be putting my own 'magical’ spin on the class that you won’t find anywhere else. Once you create this board, it will take you to places you’ve never dreamed of and beyond. (Yeah… let’s go beyond our wildest expectations -- this OR something better IS waiting for you!!!)


- A place to store your electronic board(s) I will be holding 3 more Vision Board classes in the future so keeping them under ONE google folder is the best way to do this so that you can access or change it as needed. I use google drive, which comes with and is free if you sign up for a gmail account.

- (optional) A FREE Pinterest account and a way to capture the Pinterest images. The easiest way is to screenshot an image using your phone. Every phone is different so ask Mrs. Google how to do that! 

- A journal, paper and pen


I have done my best to provide all that you need for this class so all that you need to do is put it together. Here is what you will receive:

- A step-by-step instructional video.  Even if you feel technically challenged, you can do this! I've made it super easy for you. All you have to do is watch as I share my screen and follow along with me as I walk you through creating a board. 

- A proprietary 'energy clearing' ritual to help you get fully prepared and aligned with the manifestation process

- A library of 190 images to use for your vision board(s)

- A pre-made Google Doc Vision Board Template. *make sure you make a copy of the original template so that you can use over and over again for new boards

- Samples of pre-made Canva Templates 

- Student instructional worksheet

- A selection of IN-FLOW-MOTION wealth mantras. This is one of the main ingredients in my 'secret sauce' that brings your vision boards to life and you will only find it here!

- An invitation to join our private Facebook wealth manifestation group to support and help you manifest your dreams


A step-by-step instructional video in how to create a vision board using a FREE Canva template

I hope you are as excited as I am to manifest some moolah!!!$$$$!!!!!

Kwick Kontent Kreation Course

Kwick Kontent Kreation classes are designed to help metaphysical professionals grow their know, like and trust factor with their audience.  

This introductory class will help you determine what your area of expertise is, who you serve and what services you provide. With it, you’ll be able to determine what topics you’ll be expanding on to create social-media content (blog posts, Youtube videos, etc.)

Not having this piece of the content-creation puzzle in place is why most practitioners fail when trying to create value-based, social media content. 

In this introductory class I will be walking you step-by-step through the entire Kwick Kontent Kreation process, then show a quick and easy way to find blog topics and lastly show you how to expand on them. 

You’ll also see me ‘channel’ content topics realtime for each of the students who are in attendance. 

During my online classes I will be focusing on creating content and I will not have time to cover or answer any questions about these topics.

So, if you plan on attending an online Kwick Kontent Kreation class, now is a good time to get clear about who you are and what you do so that you can start to engage with your audience. 

The introductory course is on sale now for $35.99 (reg. $44.99) 

Learn How To Read ANY Tarot Card 3 Ways

Hi There!

Learning how to read the tarot just got easier! 

All you have to do is follow along with me as I walk you step-by-step and show you how to can read ANY tarot card!

Remember to pause the videos if you need more time to take notes and don't forget to download the workbook before starting the course.

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